Down to Earth Podcast

Down To Earth Podcast

This is a show where we want to make deep theology easily understood and applied to our real lives. Here we discuss the importance of story, kingdom theology of mission, the table of Jesus, becoming fully human, and more.

We’re Joyce and Jess. And we’re friends, pastors, and speakers. We thought perhaps we could work on this project together and have a little fun. Our goal is to talk about things we have passion for, connect with others about what matters to them, and together impact our world and honour God.

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Leadership is an obsession of the 21st century, but if leadership is in fact a gift from God we must frame it theologically. Going beyond task assignment, empowering people to lead in the Church requires intentionality, both to recognize and cultivate these gifts.

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Joyce Rees

Joyce Rees

Joyce Rees has served vocationally in ministry for more than 25 years. She eagerly followed God into challenging adventures including the initial community formation and direction of Jacob’s Well and pastoring in six very different churches. She currently serves as a pastor of Epic Vineyard Church in Calgary, Alberta.

Joyce has given much of her energy to teaching in varied denominations, both in Canada and abroad, sharing biblical insights on a variety of topics such as Sabbath, suffering, evangelism, and justice. Joyce has a great passion for the scriptures and brings a vital challenge to the Church regarding how authentic faith in Jesus is to be lived today. She adores her husband Calum and her sons Finley and Connor.

Jessica DiSabatino

Jessica DiSabatino

Jessica DiSabatino is a renowned communicator in both business environments and the Church. She is theologically deep and yet able to connect with her audiences both through her candid humour and because of the suffering narratives that have shaped her life. Following the death of her younger brother, Jess and her dad founded My Safe Work, a philanthropic initiative to bring justice to work places in Canada and around the world. For this ground breaking work Jess received the Governor General’s award in 2017, which is the highest honour a Canadian citizen can receive.

In tandem with her foundation work, Jess has pastored in various churches for more than twenty years, and currently serves as a pastor at Church in the Hills, in Calgary, Alberta. When Jessica is not playing with her husband and four children she is busy resurrecting her 1980s rap career.